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Excelcia Music Publishing Announces Acquisition of Wingert-Jones Publications & RBC Publications

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Lakeland, Florida (September 24, 2021) – Excelcia Music Publishing announces the acquisition of Wingert-Jones Publications and RBC Publications from J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc. Excelcia Music Publishing plans to expand and amplify the presence of both Wingert-Jones and RBC in the educational music space. Wingert-Jones and RBC have strong reputations in the American music landscape for producing works in their catalogs that aptly meet the needs of today’s music programs.   

Excelcia Music Publishing’s founder and President, Larry Clark, commented, “The Excelcia Music Publishing team is excited to build on the excellent foundation of both Wingert-Jones and RBC Publications. There is tremendous opportunity to ensure these historied publishers remain a vital part of music experienced in our schools and concert halls.”  Further, “We will continue publishing materials to support the University Interscholastic League for music contests in Texas and surrounding states.”

According to Glenn Burtch, President and CEO of J.W. Pepper, “It is with great confidence that we place Wingert-Jones and RBC into Excelcia’s hands. Excelcia will take Wingert-Jones and RBC to a new level. Excelcia has shown incredible strength and fortitude during recent challenges in the industry.”   

Pepper will retain some ownership in the resultant company and continue to provide printing and order fulfillment services for Wingert-Jones, RBC, and Excelcia Music Publishing through their Atlanta Distribution Center. Excelcia Music Publishing will continue to market each of the three brands separately to emphasize their unique offerings to the music community.

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About Excelcia Music Publishing: As a composer-led publisher, Excelcia Music Publishing provides musical and educational communities with new, school performance music for concert band, string orchestra, jazz ensemble, and choir, as well as methods, solos, chamber music, and resources for music educators.  Based in Lakeland, FL, Excelcia Music Publishing is known for publishing artistic, meticulously-edited, accessible music by composers who are sensitive to and passionate about the needs and educational aspirations of young musicians. Excelcia Music Publishing’s music is sold throughout the United States and internationally.

About Wingert-Jones Publications:  Founded in 1964, Wingert-Jones Publications started as a labor of love between two instrument salesmen with a passion for grand, high-end band music. Merrill Jones started small, attending the 1964 National Band Clinic with just one piece: Emperata Overture by Claude T. Smith. Wingert-Jones has grown into a nationally known publisher and has expanded its library to include orchestral and educational works. The Achievement and Early Achievement music series are among the most popular hands-on music learning collections in the U.S. 

About RBC Publications: RBC Publications was founded in San Antonio, TX in 1989 by music educators and musicians Tom C. Rhodes, Don Bierschenk, and Freddy Carillo as part of RBC Music Company. Catering to the educational music market, RBC collaborated with University Interscholastic League to develop and publish the UIL Sightreading Series for band in 1998, adding choir and string orchestra in later years. In the beginning, the emphasis of RBC Publications was on lesser-known Texas composers. RBC Publications is the exclusive distributor for Wynn Music, Dorabet Music, Counterpoint Music, Young World Publications, String Instrument Specialists, and Jerry Bilik Music.

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