Concert Band Music


Concert Band Music

Hello Concert Band Directors!

We are excited to present you with live professional recordings of our 2022-2023 Concert Band works, all of which are now available. Click below to hear original and newly arranged works from long-time favorite composers as well as wonderful new voices.  Notice that for the first time, Wingert-Jones Publications has expanded our best-selling Achievement Series into new grade levels including grades .5 and 1.5.  Listen now, and make your choices for the upcoming season and school year!

First Achievement Series - Grade .5

      Ambassador - Larry Clark
      The Waiting Game - Peter Sciaino

Early Achievement Series - Grade 1

      A Song of Stone and Steel - Tyler Arcari
      Axiom - Larry Clark

Achievement Series - Grade 1.5

      Christmas Train - Gene Milford
      Gravitas - Larry Clark
      Flagship - John M. Pasternak

Achievement Plus Series - Grade 2-2.5

      Beyond the Nebula - Travis J. Weller
      Wintertide - Randall D. Standridge
      For Country and Courage - Travis J. Weller
      To Soar with Broken Wings - Tyler Arcari
      With Fearless Wings - Steve Parsons
      Down on the Delta - Carol Brittin Chambers

Concert Series - Grade 3-3.5

      After Pandora - Mark Lortz
      Voyager - Hunter Gregory
      Tomorrow Shines Soon - Vince Gassi
      American Legion - C.W. Parker/Arr. Ragsdale
      Arcadian Fanfare - Jim Johnson
      Festive Fanfare - Terry White
      Quite the Kerfuffle - Peter Sciaino
      To Dream With Open Eyes - Steven J. Pyter
      The Human Spirit - John M. Pasternak
      Beacons - Tyler Arcari

Symphonic Series - Grade 4 & Up

      Clown Car - Chris Campbell
      Clearer Skies - Katherine Rorabaugh