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The Flute Boot Camp Manual

The Flute Boot Camp Manual

A Universal Flute and Piccolo Guide

Tracy L. Harris & Todd A. Harris

Designed for flutists at all levels of experience, The Flute Boot Camp Manual is a comprehensive training experience for students, studio teachers, and band directors. This volume begins with basic flute assembly and instrument care and quickly develops to more advanced techniques, practice routines, vibrato control, managing adrenaline in audition situations, and much, much more. Musical selections for flute ensemble are included, along with complete fingering and trill charts to solve the trickiest of performance demands. And, it can be easily adapted for year-round instruction or condensed to a six-hour intensive "boot camp" experience that can transform the individual or the flute section of any concert band or marching unit. A must for the developing flutists in your ensemble.

Picc Perfect

Picc Perfect

Boot Camp for the Piccolo Player

Tracy L. Harris & Todd A. Harris

The smallest member of the woodwind section is brought to center stage in Tracy Harris' comprehensive volume. An irreplaceable resource for piccolo players, private instructors and band directors, with original music by Todd Harris, this book discusses all topics pertinent to the piccolo: construction, approach, breathing, embouchure, intonation and much, much more. There is even a section dedicated to the most famous piccolo part ever written: the trio from The Stars and Stripes Forever by John Philip Sousa. Fingering charts, trill charts, ensemble music and warm-ups all come together in this players' companion that will help any flutist tame the tiny pipe with the mighty voice.

Video Library from The Flute Boot Camp Manual

The Flute Boot Camp Manual Introduction

Introducing Tracy Harris and the Flute Boot Camp Manual. This is an all in one book that is good for Teachers/Students alike to get people playing the flute like a master.

Music in video: ElĂŠgie- Etude for Solo Flute
by Johannès Donjon

Performed by Tracy Harris

Assembly, Gear & Maintenance

Breathing, Tone & Intonation

Vibrato & Articulation

Piccolo, Performance Anxiety & Practice Methods

Flute Fingering and Trill Charts


Here is the only fingering chart a flutist will need for every stage of development on his or her instrument.  Not only does it provide a basic understanding of fingerings on the flute, but it also includes Tracy's own alternate fingerings through a full 3 1/2 octave range.  Available in two sizes: one for wall displays and another for individual use that can easily become the young musician's best friend.


The ultimate fingering chart for the flute!  Tracy Harris' own fingerings and trills in a large, sturdy poster that can hang in the rehearsal room or studio for years! This is the perfect way to gain solutions for the simplest to the most complex passages on the instrument.


This complete chart of all flute trills, in all registers, is as artistically appealing as it is practical.  Not only does it provide a handy guide to trills through all registers of the flute, it includes Tracy Harris' own alternate fingerings that she uses and teaches in her own studio.  Available in a large size for wall displays and a smaller size that students can fold and carry in their backpack or concert band folder.