Concert Band Music


Hello Concert Band Directors!

We are excited to present you with live professional recordings of our 2023-2024 Concert Band works, all of which will be released and available in the Spring. Click below to hear original and newly arranged works from long-time favorite composers as well as wonderful new voices.  Listen now, and make your choices for the upcoming season and school year!

First Achievement Series - Grade .5

      Cha Cha Christmas - Arr. Larry Clark
      GrooVE! - Matthew R. Putnam
      Premier Fanfare - Gene Milford
      Breaking Free - Tyler Arcari

Early Achievement Series - Grade 1

      Epaulettes of Gold - Matthew R. Putnam
      Trois Danses Royales - John Dupuis
      Scary Had a Little Lamb - Carol Brittin Chambers
      Christmas Around the Band - Arr. John Dupuis

Achievement Series - Grade 1.5

      Merry Wayfaring Stranger - Arr. Tyler Arcari
      Ghost Chase! - John Dupuis
      The Bold Grenadier - Gene Milford
      Music for a Night Sky - Jorge L. Vargas
      Liberty Square March - Chris Ferguson
      Lionwind - George Sweet

Achievement Plus Series - Grade 2-2.5

      Instant Holiday Encore - Mark Lortz
      Katana - James Meredith
      Inertia - Gary Fagan
      Bittersweet - Chris Campbell
      Energy Ball - Carol Brittin Chambers
      In This Beautiful Place - William Owens
      The Good King's Groove - Arr. Jon Bubbett
      Dublin Town - Gene Milford
      Ancient - Tyler Arcari
      Testament - Steve Parsons
      The Race - Anthony Susi
      Sea Adventure - John M. Pasternak
      Spinnaker - John Prescott

Concert Series - Grade 3-3.5

      Let Justice Rise - Steve Parsons
      Royal Air Force March Past - Arr. Laurie Lafferty
      Intensity - Gary D. Ziek
      National Spirit March - Ed. Van B. Ragsdale
      The Haunting Call - Travis J. Weller
      And There Were Angels… - Arr. Clifton Jones
      The Heart That Gives - Andrew Boysen, Jr.
      Spectral Dances - Jason K. Nitsch

Symphonic Series - Grade 4 & Up

      Tarantella - Carol Brittin Chambers
      Southern Winds Fanfare - John Dupuis
      Fractures in Time - Tyler Arcari

The Bourgeois Editions

      2nd March from Gustave III - Arr. Bourgeois