String Orchestra Music



Hello String Orchestra Directors!

We are excited to present you with live professional recordings of our 2022-2023 Orchestra works, all of which are now available. Click below to hear original and newly arranged works from long-time favorite composers as well as wonderful new voices.  Notice that for the first time, Wingert-Jones Publications has expanded our best-selling Achievement Series into new grade levels including grades .5 and 1.5.  Listen now, and make your choices for the upcoming season and school year!

First Achievement Series - Grade .5

      Jazz for the Open Strings - Jiyoung Um
      Abstraction - Tyler Arcari
      Peach Tree March - Emily Golan

Early Achievement Series - Grade 1

      Santa's Spring Break - Larry Clark

Achievement Series - Grade 1.5

      Miniature Mambo - Doug Spata
      Whiteout - Liam Ramsey-White
      Bounding - Bud Woodruff
      Call of Heroes - Christian A. Williams
      The Great Conquest - Bruce W. Tippette
      Jurassic Rock - Katie O'Hara LaBrie
      Jolly Old St. Pachelbel - Matthew R. Putnam

Achievement Plus Series - Grade 2-2.5

      Cathode Rays - Matthew Gelfer
      The Sleigh Ride - W.A. Mozart, arr. Ken Selden

Concert Series - Grade 3-3.5

      Deviations - Christian A. Williams
      Andalusian Adventure - Erica Donahoe
      Twilight at Dunguaire - John Mock
      Allegro (Sym. No. 5) - Beethoven, arr. Holmes
      The Monkey Temple at Jaipur - Rosenhaus
      Sea Shanty Saga - Tyler Arcari
      Alley Cats - Doug Spata
      Appalachian Daybreak - Ben Snoek
      Mustang Triumph - Sarah Siegler

Symphonic Series - Grade 4 & Up

      Yuletide Celebration - R. Scott Whittington
      Turtlewood Stomp - Matthew Gelfer