String Orchestra Music


Hello String Orchestra Directors!
We are excited to present you with our 2023- 2024 String Orchestra works, all of which are now available from your favorite music retailers and our website. Click below to hear professional live recordings of original and newly arranged works from long-time favorite composers as well as wonderful new voices. And click the "details" button to see preview scores, ScoreVideos, Composer Insights videos, to purchase and more. Listen now, and make your choices for the upcoming season and school year!

First Achievement Series - Grade .5

      The Vibes of Visby - Janelle Zook Cunalata
      Perilous - Larry Clark

Early Achievement Series - Grade 1

      Trois Danses Royales - John Dupuis
      Dark Matter - Jason Taurins

Achievement Series - Grade 1.5

      Gothic Quest - Emily Golan
      Nordic Steel - Doug Spata
      Never Summer Mountain - Perry Holbrook
      Chariot Race - Liam Ramsey-White

Achievement Plus Series - Grade 2-2.5

      Carol of the Kings - Arr. Anthony Susi
      Music for a Night Sky - Jorge L. Vargas
      Los Vaqueros - Doug Spata
      Dynamic Forces - Katie O'Hara LaBrie
      Risoluto - Gary Fagan
      Falconwing - Christian A. Williams

Concert Series - Grade 3-3.5

      Jalapeño Tango - Christian A. Williams
      Shudder to Think - Doug Spata
      Winterfall - Steve Parsons
      Andante Commodamente - Arr. Neidhold
      Remembrance - Gary Fagan

Symphonic Series - Grade 4 & Up

      Someday - Perry Holbrook
      American Patrol - Arr. Steven L. Rosenhaus