Music for String Orchestra




Hello Orchestra Directors

We are excited to present you with Wingert-Jones Publications’ 2024-2025 String Orchestra music. Click below to browse a range of original and newly arranged works that explore fresh ground and varying styles. Listen now, and make your choices for the upcoming season and school year! Available for purchase from your favorite music retailers, as well as from us.

First Achievement Series - Grade ½

      Bits of Stardust - Bruce W. Tippette
      Nightmare on the Housetop - John M. Pasternak
      Royal Feast - Chris Ferguson

Early Achievement Series - Grade 1

      The Forbidden Temple - John M. Pasternak
      Ships and Sailors - Jay Coles
      Stegosaurus Stomp - Perry Holbrook

Achievement Series - Grade 1½

      The Jolly Roger - Erica Donahoe
      Trailbreaker - Doug Spata
      Retake Rondo - John Dupuis

Achievement Plus Series - Grades 2-2½

      Joy Ride - Doug Spata
      Wild Stallions - Mark Lortz
      Pine Tree Polka - Erica Donahoe
      Antidote - Erica Donahoe
      Ares - Jay Coles
      Moonbeams - Gary Fagan

Concert Series - Grades 3-3½

      A Christmas Couplet - Vince Gassi
      Honorbound - Christian A. Williams
      The Monoliths - George Sweet
      Moroccan Nights - Erica Donahoe

Symphonic Series - Grades 4 & Up

      Melodia Perpetua - John Dupuis