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The industry leader in sight-reading preparation! This effective and efficient curriculum to develop sight-reading skills eliminates the need to retrieve music from the library, hand the music out to the band, collect and reassemble it in score order, and file it back in the library. Available in five volumes, each book provides 100 short pieces and saves valuable rehearsal time. For effective rehearsal planning, an index is provided in the score with key signatures, meters, and primary rhythmic figures to provide assistance in creating lesson plans. The music is arranged in a flexible manner so that it can be adapted to a wide range of ensemble sizes with varying instrumentation. The exercises feature various key signatures and meters, key changes, meter changes, accidentals, reversal of rhythms, repeats of various types, hemiola, and isolation of various sections of the ensemble. Volumes 1-4 are designed to supply material for an entire four-year concert band experience without repeating any exercise. A proven tool for developing musicianship and for the efficient preparation for sight-reading contests.

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