Intonation and Balance

Grade 3

Concert Band Conductor Score & Parts



Solve balance and intonation issues with these easy-to-use and effective exercises where students learn how to listen. All five cadences (half, deceptive, imperfect authentic, perfect authentic, and plagal) are represented in all twelve major keys and voiced in three parts for all instruments. By changing parts, students learn to listen first to themselves and then, by reassigning parts, they start to hear each other, “opening their ears” to the sounds around them. This allows players to quickly learn the concepts of blend, tone, balance, and intonation. Short enough to use in any rehearsal situation, they are a perfect addition to any warm-up routine. Since every instrument has all three parts, they can be used with full band, sectionals, and small groups of any combination of instruments, making it a perfect all-around rehearsal tool.

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