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Welcome to the Wingert-Jones Publications 2021-22 Orchestra Flipbook

Flip through the pages and hover over each piece with your mouse to click on links. Listen (and watch) the ScoreVideo for each new piece by clicking on its title. Click on the composer's name for more details about the piece.  Click the "Fullscreen" button in the lower right corner for the best viewing experience. Enjoy the music!

Recordings for the 2021-22 Orchestra Music

Early Achievement Series - Grade .5-1.5

      Christmas Corral
      Enduring the Storm
      Open String March
      Snowy Woods
      Spy Rock

Achievement Series - Grade 2-2.5

      Circle of Rhythm
      Legend of the Knight
      A Medieval Christmas
      Skeleton Waltz

String Orchestra Series - Grade 3-5

      Concerto for Two Violins
      Time to Tango
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