Wingert-Jones Publications Orchestra Music Catalog Released for 2022

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Lakeland, Florida (April 26, 2022) – A dynamic variety of original string ensemble music, Wingert-Jones Publications’ 2022-2023 String Orchestra Music release comprises 25 original and newly arranged works.  For the first time, the publisher has expanded its best-selling Achievement Series into new grade levels including grades .5 and 1.5, among many highlights in the catalog. The 2022 release also includes live professional recordings and ScoreVideos of each piece, which can be used as a tool with students in the classroom and virtually. 

“This year’s string orchestra catalog puts the Wingert-Jones Publications’ unique voice on full display,” explains Tyler Arcari, Director of Music Production and Editing.  “There is something for everyone in this collection of works by an immensely talented group of writers. I am excited for directors to explore the catalog!”

The publisher’s 2022 String Orchestra release includes pieces from composers Amy Riebs Mills, Ben Snoek, Brian Holmes, Bruce W. Tippette, Bud Woodruff, Doug Spata, Erica Donahoe, Jiyoung Um, John Mock, Katie O’Hara LaBrie, Ken Selden and Matthew Gelfer.  The publisher also welcomes the following new composers to its orchestra catalog: Christian A. Williams, Emily Golan, Larry Clark, Liam Ramsey-White, Matthew R. Putnam, Sarah Siegler, Steven L. Rosenhaus, Tyler Arcari and Scott Whittington.

Each score, and its accompanying parts, are meticulously-edited and set for ease of reading and include unique features to increase accessibility and help facilitate efficient rehearsals.  Optional bowings have been carefully selected to provide an educationally sound experience right from the first read.  The catalog has been organized to clearly delineate grade levels with the following color-coded series names to help directors select the most appropriate music for their ensembles: First Achievement (.5), Early Achievement (1), Achievement (1.5), Achievement Plus (2-2.5), Concert (3-3.5) and Symphonic (4 and up)  Notably, the publisher’s well-known Achievement Series has been expanded into new grade levels, providing even more options for directors.   In addition to the professional recordings, the publisher is providing ScoreVideos and preview scores for each piece on its website.  

Wingert-Jones Publications’ 2022 String Orchestra music is available from music retailers and from the publisher.

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About Wingert-Jones Publications:  Founded in 1964, Wingert-Jones Publications started as a labor of love between two instrument salesmen with a passion for grand, high-end band music. Merrill Jones started small, attending the 1964 National Band Clinic with just one piece: Emperata Overture by Claude T. Smith. Wingert-Jones has grown into a nationally known publisher and has expanded its library to include orchestral and educational works. The Achievement and Early Achievement music series are among the most popular hands-on music learning collections in the U.S.

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