Music For Concert Band




Hello Band Directors,

We are excited to present you with Wingert-Jones Publications’ 2024-2025 Concert Band music. Click below to browse a range of original and newly arranged works from outstanding composers that explore fresh ground and varying styles. Listen now, and make your choices for the upcoming season and school year! Available for purchase from your favorite music retailers and from us.

First Achievement Series - Grade ½

      Subatomic - Larry Clark
      Nightmare on the Housetop - John M. Pasternak
      Primetime Parade - Tyler Arcari

Early Achievement Series - Grade 1

      Youth Patrol - R. Alan Carter
      The Forbidden Temple - John M. Pasternak
      Jolly Jingle Joyride - William Owens
      Radioactive - Jay Coles
      The Big Guava - Joshua Hobbs
      Desert Wind - Peter Sciaino

Achievement Series - Grade 1½

      Untamed - Jay Coles
      Sidewinder! - Matthew R. Putnam
      Christmas in Scarborough - Tyler Arcari
      Highland March - Gene Milford
      Speed Racer - Carol Brittin Chambers
      The Bus Brigade - John M. Pasternak
      Desert Racers - Chris Ferguson
      Sirena - Jorge L. Vargas

Achievement Plus Series - Grades 2-2½

      Always - Joshua Hobbs
      Wild Stallions - Mark Lortz
      Amparito Roca - Texidor, arr. Tyler Arcari
      Champion - Jay Coles
      The Hound and the Hare - Matthew R. Putnam
      Aces of the Sky - Christina Huss
      Cool Yule - Gene Milford
      Raisins and Almonds - Gene Milford
      Cobra Tango - James Meredith
      Counterpunch! - Jorge L. Vargas
      Defender's Oath - Tyler Arcari

Concert Series - Grades 3-3½

      Big Top Melody Shop - Joshua Hobbs
      Can-Can - Mark Lortz
      High Point - Gene Milford
      A Christmas Couplet - Vince Gassi
      In Morning Light - Clifton Jones
      Among the Skies - Bruce W. Tippette
      Elevation - Chandler L. Wilson
      La Fiesta Brava - Trestin Durant
      Alegría - Carol Brittin Chambers
      San-Too-Chee - William Owens

Symphonic Series - Grades 4 & Up

      Event Horizon - John Dupuis
      Incandescent Sky - Robert Sheldon
      Cape Breton Highlands - Gene Milford
      ConnectUS - Carol Brittin Chambers
      That Little Beast - Peter Sciaino

The Bourgeois Editions

      Our Heroes - Fucik, arr. John Bourgeois
      Polonaise - Dvorak, arr. John Bourgeois
      A Real Slow Drag - Joplin, arr. John Bourgeois