Concert Band Music 2023-2024


Concert Band Music 2023-2024


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First Achievement Series - Grade .5

      Cha Cha Christmas - Arr. Larry Clark
      GrooVE! - Matthew R. Putnam
      Premier Fanfare - Gene Milford
      Breaking Free - Tyler Arcari

Early Achievement Series - Grade 1

      Epaulettes of Gold - Matthew R. Putnam
      Trois Danses Royales - John Dupuis
      Scary Had a Little Lamb - Carol Brittin Chambers
      Christmas Around the Band - Arr. John Dupuis

Achievement Series - Grade 1.5

      Merry Wayfaring Stranger - Arr. Tyler Arcari
      Ghost Chase! - John Dupuis
      The Bold Grenadier - Gene Milford
      Music for a Night Sky - Jorge L. Vargas
      Liberty Square March - Chris Ferguson
      Lionwind - George Sweet

Achievement Plus Series - Grade 2-2.5

      Instant Holiday Encore - Mark Lortz
      Katana - James Meredith
      Inertia - Gary Fagan
      Bittersweet - Chris Campbell
      Energy Ball - Carol Brittin Chambers
      In This Beautiful Place - William Owens
      The Good King's Groove - Arr. Jon Bubbett
      Dublin Town - Gene Milford
      Ancient - Tyler Arcari
      Testament - Steve Parsons
      The Race - Anthony Susi
      Sea Adventure - John M. Pasternak
      Spinnaker - John Prescott

Concert Series - Grade 3-3.5

      Let Justice Rise - Steve Parsons
      Royal Air Force March Past - Arr. Laurie Lafferty
      Intensity - Gary D. Ziek
      National Spirit March - Ed. Van B. Ragsdale
      The Haunting Call - Travis J. Weller
      And There Were Angels… - Arr. Clifton Jones
      The Heart That Gives - Andrew Boysen, Jr.
      Spectral Dances - Jason K. Nitsch

Symphonic Series - Grade 4 & Up

      Tarantella - Carol Brittin Chambers
      Southern Winds Fanfare - John Dupuis
      Fractures in Time - Tyler Arcari

The Bourgeois Editions

      2nd March from Gustave III - Arr. Bourgeois

Choose the Perfect Level for Your Ensemble

Providing more accessible music at lower grade levels, in 2022 we expanded our Achievement and Achievement Plus series to four separate grade levels in the series. We also expanded our grading series upward, moving grade 3 into its own series (Concert Series) and grade 4 & up into a new series called the Symphonic Series. Achieving through music has never been easier with the expanded – and now color-coded – Wingert-Jones grading system.

  • Pieces using the first 6 notes of the Bb scale
  • Rhythm: whole, half, quarter and two repeated eighth-notes
  • Optional alternate parts for horn (lower range) and trombone (nothing past 4th position)
  • Low brass and low woodwinds cover the bass line
  • Playable by first year musicians
  • Limited range of the first octave
  • Rhythm: whole, half, quarter and simple eighth-note patterns
  • Clarinet part stays below the break
  • Bass line is reinforced throughout with multiple lower instruments
  • Active percussion
  • Accessible to first year musicians and those beginning the second year of study
  • Range is expanded, but still limited
  • Rhythm: whole, half, quarter and eighth-notes, simple syncopation
  • Addition of two Trumpet and Clarinet parts. 2nd Clarinet stays below the break, 1st Clarinet crosses the break carefully
  • Bass line is reinforced throughout, but with more independence in the low brass
  • Active percussion
  • Accessible to second and third year musicians
  • Range is expanded, but still carefully considered
  • Rhythm: whole, half, quarter and eighth-notes, and simple sixteenth patterns
  • Clarinet 2 still stays below the break
  • Separate parts for Trombone, Euphonium, and Bassoon
  • Careful scoring to make the band sound full
  • Percussion treated as an important color
  • Fully scored pieces for upper middle school and high school
  • Range is expanded, but still carefully considered
  • More advanced rhythms and part independence
  • 3 Clarinet and Trumpet parts, 2 Horn and Trombone parts
  • Generous cross-cueing of solos or exposed parts
  • More advanced use of percussion
  • Fully scored pieces for high school and collegiate level ensembles
  • High artistic merit
  • Range is within reason for advancing ensembles
  • Rhythm: within reason and more use of mixed meter
  • Scoring makes use of all colors
  • Cross-cueing of solos or exposed parts
  • More advanced use of percussion
  • Percussion as an essential color

Composers of New Concert Band Music

Newest Addition to the Bourgeois Editions

Scholarly Editions From One of the Giants in the Wind Band Genre

2nd March from Gustave III

Arranged by John R. Bourgeois

Col. John R. Bourgeois arrangement from Gustave III is a powerhouse march for the concert band! Written at an Accessible Grade 3.5 this march is sure to impress. As an Opener, Closer or mid-concert show-stopper – 2nd March from Gustave III will be an audience favorite.
COL2301 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $95.00

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Proud to partner with our Wingert-Jones Publications Concert Band Select Dealers

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